Scott Nath

Senior Front End Developer, IBM Watson

Web architect, front-end developer, and team leader. 15 years of experience. I like clean & testable code, clear documentation, and growth through challenged pull requests.

Technical Skills

Daily development with
Node.js & NPM
Javascript (+ES6)
Javascript Unit Testing
Scrum/agile development
Pattern Lab
Recent experience with
Wordpress development
Web Components

Employment History

IBM Senior Front End Developer

2016 – Present

Working in the Watson organization within IBM. Spent 2016 building an open-source content management system: Punchcard CMS.

NBCUniversal Software Architect

2014 – 2015

I work for an internal agency at NBCUniversal that provides technology services to the company's many networks, studios, and brands.

As Software Architect, I've planned and built an open source, NodeJS-based Pattern Library System (, which creates stackable and reusable component libraries, bundled with a GulpJS-based development environment. It was a cool thing.

NBCUniversal Senior Development Lead

2009 – 2014

During my years as Senior Dev Lead, I spearheaded NBC's Wordpress program, NBCUPress. We built and maintained a re-usable, share-able Wordpress deployment system to keep site styling and building away from CMS maintenance. Then we built a gazillion sites on it.

NBCUniversal Senior Site Developer

2006 – 2009

These four years I was bangin out sites, creating reusable HTML/Sass patterns, and meticulously documenting our development processes.

Atmosphere BBDO Freelance HTML/CSS Developer


Built out HTML/CSS structures for multiple campaigns. Clients included Emirates Airlines and the NFL.

AKQA Freelance HTML/CSS Developer


Built out HTML/CSS structures for multiple campaigns, primarily Coca-Cola.

Theatre Puget Sound Website Architect

2000 – 2008

Creating and maintaining entire online web presence from interface design to back-end MySQL database development, for a large member-driven non-profit organization.


Punchcard CMS Primary Developer

2016 – Present

A headless NodeJS-based Content Management System designed with Content Strategy at its heart.

Pattern Library Architect and Primary Developer

2014 – Present

A Node.js storage-and-sharing solution for functioning UX patterns. Allows usage of html/css/javascript across multiple systems and includes tools for *design-in-browser* methodologies.

Runnerpi - a wifi-streaming POV camera Architect and Primary Developer


Building multiple, Raspberry Pi-based, wifi-streaming cameras for my IRL game The Chase.