Scott Nath

Front End Architect

Web architect, front-end developer, and team lead. 19 years of experience. Recently created some large systems in Node.js. I like clean & testable code, clear documentation, and growth through reasonably challenged pull requests.

Technical Skills

Daily development with
GitHub API
Javascript (+ES6)
UI Unit Testing
Scrum/agile development
Recent experience with
Web Components

Employment History

IBM Watson HealthSystem Architect

Fall 2017 - Present

Architected the Watson Health Pattern & Asset Library (PAL)

As part of the Design Excellence Team (DXT) in Watson Health, we created the Watson Health Pattern & Asset Library (PAL). Bending to the unique legal requirements of building UI applications for the health sphere, the system automates testing, reporting, and releases. We also created the Exported Tests architecture which allows cross-framework, importable and stackable UI unit tests.

IBM WatsonSenior Front End Developer

2016 - Summer 2017

Created an Open Source content management system for the Watson developer docs.

In my first year at IBM, I worked on a design team tasked with creating a documentation site for the IBM Watson developer docs. To allow immutable data, content versioning, and publishing gateways, we created Punchcard CMS.

NBC UniversalSoftware Architect

2014 - Fall 2015

Planned and built an open source, NodeJS-based component library for internal use

My last big job at NBC was to experiment with creating a component library to store templates for an upcoming full rebuild. We created a NodeJS-based component library that was eventually open sourced with the name Pattern Library. The library allowed stackable and reusable component libraries, bundled with a GulpJS-based development environment. It was a cool thing.

NBC UniversalSenior Development Lead

2009 - 2014

Spearheaded NBC's Wordpress system, NBCUPress, a re-usable Wordpress deployment system.

During my years as Senior Dev Lead, I created and maintained NBC's internal Wordpress system, NBCUPress. We built and maintained a re-usable, share-able Wordpress deployment system to keep site styling and building away from CMS maintenance. Then we built a gazillion sites using it.

NBC UniversalSenior Site Developer

2006 - 2009

These four years I was bangin out sites, creating reusable HTML/Sass patterns, and meticulously documenting our development processes.



Built out HTML/CSS structures for multiple campaigns, including Coca-Cola, NFL, and Emirates Airlines.

Theatre Puget SoundWebsite Architect

2000 - 2008

Created and maintained entire online web presence from interface design to back-end MySQL database development, for a large member-driven non-profit organization.

Open Source Projects

Punchcard CMSArchitect/Developer

2016 - 2018

Created the headless, open source content management system, Punchcard CMS

Pattern LibraryArchitect/Developer

2014 - Fall 2015

A Node.js storage-and-sharing solution for functioning UX patterns. Allows usage of html/css/javascript across multiple systems and includes tools for *design-in-browser* methodologies.



RaspberryPi-based Wifi-streaming POV Camera

For my IRL game The Chase, I need multiple, body-mountable, wifi-connected, live-streaming cameras. Required me to build a battery-operated camera that has real time, on-demand streaming via wifi, with a decent picture, that can mount to body or objects via gopro accessories.